About Us

Bayer: Science For A Better Life

Human ingenuity drives progress in agriculture

Throughout history, humanity has improved lives and inspired breakthroughs that help address some of our biggest challenges. Our shared sense of inventiveness gave us agriculture—one of the oldest and most important inventions—and we believe it can do even more.

At Bayer, we’re harnessing the spirit of innovation to shape what’s possible for farmers, consumers, and the planet. Using the creative spark that comes from human ingenuity, we seek to deliver world-class innovation, set new standards in sustainability, and drive digital transformation.


Farmers need innovation not only to grow enough but to grow better for our planet and its people. We have leading research capabilities in biotechnology, crop protection, and data science to deliver tailored solutions to farmers faster than ever before. We seek digital tools that help drive innovation, and we collaborate with external partners large and small so we can create lasting change for people and the planet.


We believe every investment in innovation should also be an investment in sustainability. We are equally committed to helping reduce our environmental impact, as well as improving the lives of smallholder farmers. Our long-term success as a company lies not in selling more products but in providing farmers with the best tools and solutions so they can achieve better harvests using less water, land, and energy. 

Digital transformation

Data science and digital tools are powerful, innovative, and sustainable ways to improve the efficiency of Bayer’s own operations while empowering farmers to make better decisions in their fields. Like the smart tools that help billions of us make decisions about our daily lives, digital farming is enabling individual solutions tailored to each farm’s needs: the right product in the right place, at the right time, and in the right amount. 

How are we shaping the future of agriculture?

As a new leader in agriculture, we understand our heightened responsibility to farmers, consumers, and the environment. That is why—when it comes to managing our business—we are raising the bar in transparency, sustainability, and engagement.

We strive to deliver the best new solutions for agriculture, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our interactions with farmers, policy makers, media, NGOs, and consumers who want to know more about our business. 

We collaborate with others to find better solutions to address food, environmental, and social challenges.
We set high ethical standards to measure ourselves and our partners.
We serve farms of all sizes around the world and make our innovations as accessible as possible.
We enable smallholder farmers to seek more sustainable agriculture solutions.
We encourage diversity in agricultural practices.
We prioritize inclusion and diversity inside and outside our company.
We are committed to transparency and dialogue.

How will we know we are making a difference?

At Bayer, we are committed to improving lives through a food system that is better for farmers, consumers and the planet. These targets will be both ambitious and time-bound, with a combination of long-term thinking and short- to mid-term goals. 

We cannot realize this vision alone. Turning today’s impossibilities into tomorrow’s breakthroughs requires strong collaboration with scientists, innovators, regulators, and farmers. But it also requires open, transparent dialogue that builds trust with consumers.


The Crop Science Division of Bayer is driven by individuals constantly working to shape what’s next for agriculture.

Our employees think creatively about agricultural innovation. They rely on science and data, but they also depend on the power of human ingenuity to drive their ideas forward. The talent and commitment of our team allows our company to find better answers to even our best solutions.

At Bayer, we’re building an environment where employees of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, and orientations are welcome to contribute to the future of our planet.

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